Rush Electronics has been in the Butter Market since 1986 and is open every day except Sundays. Although the business is retailing the items shown here, our main task is Changing Watch Batteries and Straps .....currently at £4 with Buffalo Calf Straps at £5:99. Needlesstosay, with prices like that and Quality Watches like those below customers keep coming back. (Swiss & Japanese batteries). It has been a pleasure to serve my loyal customers in Herefordshire and over the years the                customer base has grown and services have become well established.
We have a good selection of items some of which are not generally available elsewhere so please pay us a visit. There are also around 30 other Stalls in the Butter Market selling all sorts of interesting things and a very good cafe where you can relax and enjoy  coffee and cakes or even a first class meal.
Its also a great meeting place...
                                          This website is updated regularly.                    The pages are changed from time to time to include new items. Press F5                You can browse the pages using the links at the top or the arrows on right            In the meantime for good personal service please visit the Butter Market.               You can also email me at...                                             01432-356295                                          
Rush  21 Butter Market. Hereford HR12AA
Rush Electronics is a fully computerised retail operation using standard barcodes and Retailman software allowing Till receipts, Stock control and all the usual information that is required to run a small to medium sized business. The business and goodwill that goes with it is now offered for sale and includes Retail computer software and hardware, Domain name, all stock and this Website. The business is now at a point where it needs relocating to  an improved commercial environment where it can be developed properly.
All sizes    99p £9:99 with leather strap
Lhasa Apso Jackie. Everybody loves her.
Timer £9:95
 21, Butter Market,  Hereford   UK